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Team Profile for Ballers Avenue

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Fixtures and Results for Current Season
Thu 06 Feb 202019:20Sevens3&4 (3G)
Futbol 'Eritage CDF4 - 1
Thu 13 Feb 202018:30Sevens3&4 (3G)
Crystal Phallus9 - 0
Thu 20 Feb 202020:10Sevens3&4 (3G)
Cowboys and Indians FC9 - 2
Thu 27 Feb 202018:30Sevens3&4 (3G)
City Boys6 - 1
Thu 05 Mar 202019:20Sevens3&4 (3G)
Centaur3 - 3
Thu 12 Mar 202018:30Sevens3&4 (3G)
The Bozos7 - 3
Thu 10 Sep 202020:10Sevens3&4 (3G)
Maya Jama FC5 - 5
Thu 17 Sep 202018:30Sevens3&4 (3G)
Centaur3 - 6
Thu 24 Sep 202019:00Sevens1&2 (3G)
The Bozos12 - 0
Thu 01 Oct 202018:30Sevens3&4 (3G)
Bafana Bafana5 - 0
Thu 15 Oct 202019:00Sevens1&2 (3G)
Maya Jama FC6 - 3
Thu 22 Oct 202020:00Sevens1&2 (3G)
Bafana Bafana10 - 2
Thu 29 Oct 202019:00Sevens1&2 (3G)
Victoria Park FC
Thu 05 Nov 202020:00Sevens1&2 (3G)
City Boys
Thu 12 Nov 202019:20Sevens3&4 (3G)
Gnomes FC
Thu 19 Nov 202019:20Sevens3&4 (3G)
Futbol 'Eritage CDF
Thu 26 Nov 202019:00Sevens1&2 (3G)
Leaning Tower of Geezer
Thu 03 Dec 202019:00Sevens1&2 (3G)
Leaning Tower of Geezer
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Current Season Information
Current Season Position: 1
Current Season Record: Won 9, Lost 1, Drawn 2

Positions During Current Season


Last 3 GamesThis SeasonAll Time
Average Scored :7.006.585.86
Average Conceded :1.672.172.75
Average Points :3.002.422.18
Biggest Win :10 - 212 - 012 - 0
Biggest Loss :No losses3 - 60 - 7

Previous Seasons
SeasonPositionRecord (W/L/D)
Mile End Thursday 7's - Season 3 2019 - Premier League210/4/2

Statistics for Ballers Avenue for this season

Leading Scorers
Gino GBallers Avenue25
Aaron GrahamBallers Avenue14
Elis SamBallers Avenue8
Richard RobinsonBallers Avenue7
George HubbardBallers Avenue7
Pierce ?Ballers Avenue4
A PierceBallers Avenue4
Seeni SobamiwaBallers Avenue2
Noel Osafo Ballers Avenue2
Jez CliffordBallers Avenue2
Alex MorottiBallers Avenue2
Ryan BrightBallers Avenue1
Nigel OsafoBallers Avenue1
Player of the Match Awards
PlayerTeamPlayer Of the Match Awards
Gino GBallers Avenue4
Craig TapperBallers Avenue2
Aaron GrahamBallers Avenue1
Richard RobinsonBallers Avenue1
Elis SamBallers Avenue1
A PierceBallers Avenue1
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