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Blackpool Wednesday 5's Pro:Direct - Season 1 2020 - Championship - Statistics

Leading Scorers
Danny FletcherFY United19
Mo Salah#1 Call NOW to Enter, 01253 39139112
Phil Nicholson Right Said Fred Athletic11
O GBaines on Toast11
Ollie .Team Extreme10
Rick EavesRight Said Fred Athletic9
Graham .RaveYard8
Rio LouthXavi Dodgers7
Ellis Sutherland FY United7
Andy CraggTeam Extreme6
Isaac FosterRaveYard5
George DavisonBaines on Toast5
Scouse RyanRight Said Fred Athletic4
Leon .Xavi Dodgers4
James DownerFY United4
Aiden BurrowsFY United4
Tyler DaviesBaines on Toast3
Rob DouglasXavi Dodgers3
Keiran .Right Said Fred Athletic3
Josh .Team Extreme3
Joe BarnesNaden FC3
Jay DavisRaveYard3
Emery .Xavi Dodgers3
Dan CookTeam Extreme3
Connor BaileyBaines on Toast3
Ben ActonRight Said Fred Athletic3
Austin .FY United3
Sam Leadbetter RaveYard2
Jack StaffBaines on Toast2
Stu MartinTeam Extreme1
Sam LathamRaveYard1
Rob .Xavi Dodgers1
O GTeam Extreme1
O GFY United1
Luke ParrNaden FC1
Jake ShortRaveYard1
George .Right Said Fred Athletic1
Gary WilkinsonXavi Dodgers1
Ben WilsonBaines on Toast1
Player of the Match Awards
PlayerTeamPlayer Of the Match Awards
Rio LouthXavi Dodgers1
Stu MartinTeam Extreme1
Rick EavesRight Said Fred Athletic1
Phil Nicholson Right Said Fred Athletic1
Isaac FosterRaveYard1
Danny FletcherFY United1
Ellis Sutherland FY United1
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